Athens, Greece
İstanbul, Turkey
Güzel ve kaliteli zaman geçirebileceğim... arkadaş arıyorum..
Lets Talk and see ;)
Paris France
Monte Carlo Monaco
Enjoy having dinner with wonderful companion and handling all the costs!
Paris, France
Zürich Switzerland
traveler, looking for nice company during trips. visited more than 60 countries already, and i love to visit more. contact me: placidomichele yho cm
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Sofia, Bulgaria
London United Kingdom
Intelligent, sportsman, gentle, fun, traveller, book, animal, music lover
Bucharest, Romania
Cool Guy
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Nothing unusual lol
Barcelona Spain
I m a business person. I used to travel regular.
Ankara Turkey
Brăila, Romania
İzmir, Turkey
Kocaeli Türkiye
Kocaeli and İstanbul
İstanbul Turkey
Önce insan, gerçek bekar, kaliteye önem veren,değer bilen centilmen iş adamıyım. Dürüst, titiz, konuşkan, şakacı, sosyal, neşeli, hoşsohbeti seven, güvenilir, humanist biriyim. Tercihen estetiksiz ve ince genç kızlar ltf. Bu sitede tüm kritik detaylar hk.da anlaşıp görüşmeye karar vermeden önce ltf. iletişim bilgilerimi ve fotomu sormayınız. Görüşmeye karar verirsek hem fotomu hem de iletişim bilgilerimi zaten göreceksiniz. Real batchelor gentleman from Istanbul. Business owner. Financially secure, communicative, clean, highly cultured and educated.Mature. Only natural body young girls pls . Let us first communicate in here for all details to decide to meet and then you can see my photo and contact info . Not before!
Istambul, İstanbul, Turkey
İstanbul Turkey
Living in Far East (china). Traveling very often. Now i am in turkey for vacation . Until end of february . Ig:gandstring
it is what it is..
Istanbul, Turkey
Alicante, Spain
I'm ok
San Sebastián Spain
İstanbul, Turkey
I like living well, beautiful ladies, traveling and eating delicious food
United States
Стамбул Turkey
Kiev, Ukraine
Madrid, Spain
New Delhi India
Türkiye Turkey
Water polo Player 🤽‍♂️
Iran, Islamic Republic of
United Kingdom
Barcelona, Spain
Live in Barcelona , Milan, ibiza , , Italian citizen , 2 kids , separate, only well educated girls want relationship , Traveling , to share cool relaxing moment , not interested ONS ! Please only girls family oriented. ! Thank you !
București, Romania
Be nice!
Istanbul Turkey
Let's see
Ankara Turkey
Dubai United Arab Emirates
İstanbul, Turkey
Hello, My name is Kaan, I live in Istanbul and I take pride in my work however, I love having fun exploring new places, cities and cultures. I don't speak English very well and never had the time to improve my english a part from a few words the reason behind this, is that I work so hard and I'm a very busy person therefore I have never had the chance to improve it. I would also like to mention that the reason I am writing this, is because I would like to find a friend that would be willing to spend her time with me so we speak English all the time and every time we hang out. I believe that this will have an impact on my English. I would also like to pay for the time we hang out together. I will be glad if you could help me out with this. Should you have any questions please ask I will be happy to answer them. Thank you Best Regards Kaan
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